Delaware Lackawanna & Western Project 565

Preserving the past for the future.
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2009 Accompishments!

The fruits of your labor boys!

     Pilot Truck

    Lead  wheel set, Frame,  truck frame swivel fixture,  truck equalizer bar,  truck stabilizer frame
Flooring , Grate Shakers, Throttle Handel, long stem valves, Check valves, Sight glass, Window and door linkage, and our Carpenter will be working on our seat boxes over the winter in his workshop at home.
Front Driver Journals, Grease tension plates, and some Spring linkage, Pilot "Cow Catcher" is on track One waiting for sand blasting.
All of the Drive rod attachments found

    Brake system
    Cross bars, Air brake stand, ok this is where Steve's Air Force guy's come in They sand blasted and primer painted most all of the brake linkage for Chassis.

    Smoke box cover, Steam dome, Aux. Steam dome, Hand Railing holders, Smoke box door clips, Marker light holders, Headlight,  Fire box cross bars, Small Aux. Air pump, Pressure release valve. Oil cans shelf that mounts above the fire box doors.

    Left Stirrup step Removed, Tender is now pushed back to the locomotive.
    There have been other parts sand blasted and I'm not sure of their names and where they go on the locomotive.

 Steve and I want to thank the whole Steamtown employees for there help in this project. Without their expertise we wouldn't have gotten this far. We look forward to working with them in the year 2010!