Lackawanna Rail Fest 2010 Lackawanna Rail Fest 2010 Privet coach on the end of the Amtrak special train set. On Display track along the Entrance drive way. 98108026 Lackawanna F3's next to a Lackawanna Sleeper. 98108027 Over head view of the round house complex 98108028 Delaware Lackawanna 405 and Norfolk Southern 999 98108029 CSX and CP Rail 9143 98108030 Close up view of Norfolk Southern 999 98108031 565 from the rear 98108032 out side the round house looking in. 98108033 565 with her head light lit. 98108034 Side view. 98108035 All three steam tenders in the house 98108036 side view of 565 98108037 Over head walk way view Photo One 98108038 Over head walk way view Photo Two 98108039 Parts that were painted with Rust Converter 98108040 Piston housing parts 98108041 Piston housing covers 98108042 Piston Rod springs and caps 98108043 Brake vavel , Piston spring cap and a part for in side the smoke box. 98108044 Our Bell all shine up for the fest. 98108045