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Progress Reports of 2011

Another year of work has started!

Feb 3 workday:
We started building up the worn area on the Radius Bar Cross Tie. The area over the years has been worn it was decided to have us build it back up with weld. We are half way done with the build up and should be able to finish that next time up. Once the welding is complete we will mill it smooth. ... Also there were cracks in the corners of the bracket that we v-grooved. Once we re-install it to the engine we will weld that v-groove up.

The lower bracket for the Radius Bar Cross Tie has been made from stock. We used 1" steel for the plate and then cut 3"X4" stock to make the spacers to have room to attach the radius arm to the bracket. We still have to bore the large 3" hole thru the center once the main bracket is finished. We drilled the attaching holes for the bolts. We will do a final reaming of the holes once can put the upper and lower brackets together to get a good alignment for the new bolts.

Front driver springs we made from old ones on the scrap dock are ready to be shipped out to the vendors for final assembly. They have been sandblasted. The plan right now is to ship them out and have the straps made and the slots cut on the ends.
We have cut the stock for new pins for the equalizer bar, radius arm, and bolts for radius bar cross tie. The radius bar cross tie bolts are tapered and will be make from new stock. Plan is to make all of these in the few months on the lathe.

March 17 workday---The build up is complete on the cross tie! Next time up we will mill that baby! We sandblasted the Petticoat pipe and it's now ready to installed in the smokebox.
The smokebox cover was installed and we installed the bottom and top bolts. We have several more to put in but we have to ream the holes in the smokebox ring to make everything fit.
Work continues on the parts for pilot truck.

Some of you might be wondering why we are just reaming the holes in the smokebox, The bottom of the ring is shot. So we are just going to document the corrosion in the historical documents. No reason to replace the ring unless we are going get her in operational order. The smokebox is in rough shade and IMO would need to be replaced anyway for operations. The smokebox isn't matching up to the cover and we have opinions on this.

April 14. 2011

This is from our Lead Steve Boonstra

The smokebox cover is on! We finished attaching it yesterday! Dan and his classmates delivered the parts for the pilot truck also! The parts look great and we are one step closer to making her a 2-6-0 again.